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We are on the path of health and wellbeing and it all started in small steps. It is an every day readjusting of our inner alignement.
We find tremendous support and happiness in the power of the essential oils. Their natural wisdom and wise way of guiding us, to a life more connected to nature and to our soul-strength, is astonishing.
Through the Oils we receive so many opportunities to reduce our exposer to chemicals and instead choose a life aligned with nature.
We invite you to discover the wisdom and power of the Oils yourself.
One step at the time

You can order essential oils and other fine products directly from dōTERRA online shop. You will need to register for your own account and will receive your products within 3-5 working days (DHL delivery in Switzerland). Why is it better to register? Cause you get 25% Discount on your order every time you order.

There are two options for ordering your oils:

  1. Wholesale (with 25% discount)
  2. Retail (no discount)

Hence the smartest option is to consider a wholesale membership at €20 per year and purchase products at wholesale prices (25% off plus loyalty reward points), however it is YOUR choice.

Regardless of which option you choose there are no minimum order amounts. You have no monthly or yearly order requirements with the wholesale membership. Choose Standard order. The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is for those of you who want to earn free products.

Discover your natural beauty

To begin your registration as a wholesale customer:
1. Click through to through link below.
2. Select your language and country (where the products will be shipped to) in the dropdown menu. If you are ordering from countries outside of Europe, other fields and policies may apply.
The description below is intended for those ordering from Switzerland and European countries.
3. Choose your enrolment option: ‘Wholesale customer’ (the best way to get to know your oils) or ‘Wellness advocate’.
4. In the section ‘Personal information’, enter your name in the fields ‘Primary first name’ and ‘Primary last name’. Leave the ‘Co-app’ field blank.
5. In the ‘Time zone’ field, choose the time zone for your current location, e.g Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Prague (GMT+1:00).
6. In the section marked ‘Contact information’, be sure to enter your date of birth in the order customary in the US: month – day – year.
7. In the section ‘Please Enter Your Sponsor ID’, make sure that ‘sponsor ID’ field has our number 9808185. This will assign me as your contact and support for any questions that may arise after your registration.
8. All other steps in the registration should be self-evident. When you’ve completed the form, click ‘Continue’.

Why You Will Love The LRP Or Loyalty Rewards Program

All your essentials in one package, delivered to your front door.
You can choose different products each month.
You earn free products with each purchase!
It makes living a healthy life more convenient, no matter how busy you are.
Encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle.

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