Rugs sewed by the rhythm of life

I love products that tell a story.
There are a variety of blankets, pillow cases, yoga bags … you name it!
All are different and yet somehow they are all the same.

And then there are blankets, pillow cases, yoga bags that tell a story.
They invite you to dream, to believe in the impossible and to see the world with new eyes.

Our Sapna blankets tell stories.
Sapna means dream in Hindi.
Sapna blankets make dreams come true because they are sewn at home and by hand.
This means that single parenting women or women who cannot take a 100% job can work from home and make an independent living.

You don’t need any special skill to make these blankets, you “just” need to have patience and perseverance to sew one line next the other over the entire blanket.
This enables every woman to get work from us at any given point of time.

Just as life never follows a straight line, Sapna blankets are never straight either.
No dream is like the next dream, and dreams never go straight.
Each Sapna blanket is only available once.
Every sewn line is different.
The length of the stitches is different.

Why are the blankets never straight?

Sapna blankets are traditional blankets that have been sewn as winter blankets in our village for decades. Traditionally, they are sewn much thicker and made from scraps of old fabric. Our blankets are made of new cotton, but the fabrics are patched together almost randomly. The blankets are sewn in small windows of time, when the children are busy by themselves and the daily chores are over. The women sit on the floor with the blankets and sew line by line.
There is no table to sit at and work, there are no pre-printed straight lines that one can sew along and is guided by.
You sew the way you feel.

Every Sapna blanket is sewn the way it is felt.
The finishes are adapted to the contours of the sewn feeling.
Even if they are the same fabrics, it is never the same sewn feelings that are expressed through these lines.
Similar to a Morse code just not defined at all.
Can you define dreams?
Certainly not.
Dreams arise and pass, what remains is a memory.

With the Sapna blankets, the blanket remains.

Our first collection was sold out in no time.
The second collection is getting packed right now and send to Switzerland.

Get your Sapna blanket before it is sold out ❤️

With love


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