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The last few months have been challenging for each and every one of us. Covid has shown us all limitations which were difficult to digest and has asked us to look for new ways to face life and the current situation.

For the people in our village and around Kanha National Park, the current situation is grave.
Public transport has stopped completely, which means there is little or no opportunity to get to a doctor or to the hospital. There has been a strict ban to leave the house which is implemented since months. Most people around the national park live from agriculture and tourism. Tourism has stopped due to Covid and the allowance to carry out the daily work is limited. The result is clear: there is a lack of monthly wages, food and medical care.
The basic needs to lead a life are absent.

In a village everyone looks out and supports everyone. When you live so close to nature and the elements, you depend on each other, much more than in the cities. During the months of isolation, elderly people and single mothers in particular felt this lack of social help.
There was a lack of money, food and care. What was normally carried by the community is now massively lacking if not completely absent.

Sick people received no help, no medication and no diagnostics.

We have organized 30 doctors who offer a consultation via Zoom, Whatsapp or other apps.
Blood pressure measuring devices, thermometers and oxygen measuring devices were stationed at various locations.
The villagers were able to independently evaluate the most necessary parameters and then contact a doctor online. The doctor made the diagnosis and passed it on.

Help is made available at the lodge ( in form of food, transportation or other emergency.

Food was organized and given to people in need, in monthly rations.

Our team has seen a lot over the years and heard many intense life stories.
But what we have experienced in the last few weeks has shaken us. It made us sad and we were often helpless.

Many people have contacted us and asked how they can provide help. We can help with your donations
and for that We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Your HATHI team


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