Rugs sewed by the rhythm of life

I love products that tell a story.
There are a variety of blankets, pillow cases, yoga bags … you name it!
All are different and yet somehow they are all the same.

And then there are blankets, pillow cases, yoga bags that tell a story.
They invite you to dream, to believe in the impossible and to see the world with new eyes.

Our Sapna blankets tell stories.
Sapna means dream in Hindi.
Sapna blankets make dreams come true because they are sewn at home and by hand.
This means that single parenting women or women who cannot take a 100% job can work from home and make an independent living.

You don’t need any special skill to make these blankets, you “just” need to have patience and perseverance to sew one line next the other over the entire blanket.
This enables every woman to get work from us at any given point of time.

Just as life never follows a straight line, Sapna blankets are never straight either.
No dream is like the next dream, and dreams never go straight.
Each Sapna blanket is only available once.
Every sewn line is different.
The length of the stitches is different.

Why are the blankets never straight?

Sapna blankets are traditional blankets that have been sewn as winter blankets in our village for decades. Traditionally, they are sewn much thicker and made from scraps of old fabric. Our blankets are made of new cotton, but the fabrics are patched together almost randomly. The blankets are sewn in small windows of time, when the children are busy by themselves and the daily chores are over. The women sit on the floor with the blankets and sew line by line.
There is no table to sit at and work, there are no pre-printed straight lines that one can sew along and is guided by.
You sew the way you feel.

Every Sapna blanket is sewn the way it is felt.
The finishes are adapted to the contours of the sewn feeling.
Even if they are the same fabrics, it is never the same sewn feelings that are expressed through these lines.
Similar to a Morse code just not defined at all.
Can you define dreams?
Certainly not.
Dreams arise and pass, what remains is a memory.

With the Sapna blankets, the blanket remains.

Our first collection was sold out in no time.
The second collection is getting packed right now and send to Switzerland.

Get your Sapna blanket before it is sold out ❤️

With love


Dont give up – Step up


Die COVID-19 Situation betrifft uns alle. Jeder einzelne von uns bekommt es auf die eine oder andere Art zu spüren. Wie ihr wisst produzieren wir unsere Produkte weitgehend selber; in einem kleinen Dorf im Herzen Indiens haben wir 13 Frauen angestellt. Zusammen entwerfen wir die Produkte und gehen mit dem Prototypen in Produktion. Vom Stoffeinkauf bis zur Vermarktung unserer Produkte machen wir alles selber, dabei arbeitet unser Workshop-Team weitgehend selbständig. Diese freie Art zu arbeiten ermöglicht es Ihnen, Familie und Arbeit unter einen Hut zu bringen.

COVID-19 ist auch in diesem kleinen Dorf angekommen. Es gibt kein Spital mit einer Intensivstation in unmittelbarer Nähe. Das nächste Spital mit einer einigermassen guten Versorgung liegt 140km entfernt. Der Öffentliche Verkehr ist stillgelegt, das heisst ohne ein eigenes Auto kann man die 140km unmöglich überwinden. Die Situation ist daher sehr beängstigend, weil Hilfe nicht vorhanden ist.

Was bedeutet das für unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Ihre Familien? Unser Workshop-Team muss zu Hause bleiben und unsere Produktion steht still.

Viele von unseren Mitarbeiterinnen leben in extrem einfachen Verhältnissen. Sie haben weder ein Bankkonto noch haben sie Erspartes auf der Seite.
Die meisten haben Felder die sie bewirtschaften und zum Glück durften sie ihre Ernte von den Feldern holen während dieser Zeit.

Sonja und ich haben uns zusammengesetzt und uns überlegt, was wir machen können. Für ein Kleinunternehmen sind das schwierige Entscheidungen, die zu treffen sind.
Aber wir sind beide felsenfest davon überzeugt: What ever happens, happens for the best.
Also machen wir das Beste daraus: #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee

Alle Mitarbeiterinnen bekommen den vollen Lohn, auch wenn sie in dieser Zeit nicht arbeiten können. Falls sie gesundheitlich in Not kommen, können sie sich bei unserem Team melden und wir unterstützen sie so gut wir können.

Zusammen sind wir stark. #TogetherWeAreStrong

Es sind nicht nur die individuellen Bedürfnisse die gedeckt werden müssen, sondern es geht um das grosse Ganze.

Wir werden Euch weiterhin auf dem Laufenden halten!


Much love

Sonja und Isa

Meet our beautiful Balli

The day will come, when I write a book about Balli.
Her grace, her strength, her ability to love and her ability to grief, taught me lessons I still have to digest and fully comprehend.

Balli was the first young lady, who was ready to work with me.
`Me` equals an image of a strange white Person, trying to survive in the buffer zone of a Tiger reserve and simultaneously build a sustainable social enterprise.

She did not know how to stitch or work with the sewing machine. I knew a tiny little bit more then she did, but really just a tiny little bit. She spoke only Hindi and I spoke only english. Chances of starting a successful business venture were rather slim.

Balli has four sisters but two of them do not have the ability to hear. The sisters have their own sign language, which means, Balli was a master in non-verbal communication.This ability placed my dream of a social enterprise, back on to the winning horse. 🙂
We found a way to speak with each other, with hands and feet, and together we both grew.
We made mistakes, we laughed about our mistakes but we also celebrated every occasion, of a guest buying a product she made.

Since 7 Years she comes home every single day. She is part of my daily struggles as well as my daily happiness and in a similar way, Im part of her struggle and her happiness too.

Balli fell in love and out of love just like we all did, or still do.
She got married, but sadly to the wrong guy.
Still pregnant, she decided to get divorced and move back to her parents house.
It took her a lot of patience, fear and anxiety, strength and pain to voice her desire and get it into manifestation. But she did.
Her little boy is a few months old, healthy and strong. He brings joy, love and light to his strong mothers heart.

She still comes to work, but we had to rearrange the work patterns. Balli is making beautiful bedspreads for you. She is a single parent, working from home, so she can take care of her little sunshine.
She comes to my home every morning, to share a few words and then move on with her daily chores.

Balli carved a map of love, respect and the sincere wish to protect her, into my heart.
Even thou her life was far from smooth, she made it look smooth.
The day will come, when I will write a book about her…

You are amazing Balli and I really love you with all my heart.

Best wishes
Isa and the HATHI-Team


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