Making a Mala

Making a Mala is a process I cherish and love.
Searching for the beads, selecting a thread, diving into the variety of charms and then bringing it all together.
The thread follows the needle and one bead after the other is lined up. Once the knotting can start I have settled into my seat and start to chant my mantra:
Purnam Adah Purnam Idam
Purnat Purnam Udchyate
Purnasya Purnam Adaya
Purnam eva vashishyate

You are the fullness.
There is the fullness, here is the fullness.
From the fullness, the fullness is born.
Remove the fullness from the fullness and fullness alone remains.

In simple words: If you go to the ocean with an empty bowl and you fill the bowl with water from the ocean, you will have a bowl filled with water and the ocean is still full with water.
You can not take the infinity out of the infinite.

Every bead is charged with the chants of the infinite mantra.
May our Malas support your path with strength and love.

Your HATHI-Team

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